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L’immobilier américain ne connait pas la crise

By Brigitte TROQUIER


Des prix en hausse soutenue et plus de 6,5 millions de transactions en 2020 contre 5,6 en 2019 sur le marché résidentiel, les fondamentaux de l’immobilier sont solides

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17/05/2022 We support them

Promepar AM supports equal opportunities and the transmission of knowledge

SODEL: socio-educational solidarity project in remote areas of Laos

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11/05/2022 The Economy Pages

The acquis may obstruct the visibility

The first quarter's french growth have lessened concerns, posting a zero performance over the period. The latter may represent a breather after the FY 2021 results which galvanized economic performance and put upward pressure on prices…

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10/05/2022 Expert views

Market analysis & investment strategies

Interview with Arnaud Morel, Director of Mandated Management of Promepar Asset Management

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