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Our solutions

Our funds

Our portfolio management expertise is centred on asset allocation, active securities and fund management, with strict risk control.

Our funds perfectly showcase our skills and expertise, drawing on all our available talent with the aim of achieving sustainable performance.

Our fund range is deliberately focused: we made the clear decision to offer our clients a selection of funds where we can make a difference and provide them with real added value generated by our expertise.

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Our discretionary portfolio management mandates

We offer you the option of entrusting us with the management of your securities portfolio (stocks, bonds, SICAV open-ended mutual funds, FCP mutual funds, etc.) under a clearly defined mandate tailored naturally to your personal objectives (investment period, target returns, level of risk, etc.) and the structure of your financial assets, thanks to a wide range of solutions at your disposal.

Our investment solutions are available in securities accounts, PEAs (personal equity plans) and SME-oriented PEAs. We invest in securities and funds alike. We lean towards securities primarily in the European region.

We also build investment solutions in a life insurance contract format, under French law (e.g. Prépar Vie, BRED’s insurance company) or Luxembourg law, by putting together asset allocations with varying risk-reward profiles.

Understanding and listening to our clients are our top priorities. By commenting and explaining our results and the decisions taken, we build a strong, solid and lasting relationship with our clients.

Our bespoke solutions

We have developed extensive expertise in defining tailor-made investment solutions for institutional investors, corporates, family offices and non-profits.

From the moment we begin our relationship, we help you define the most appropriate strategy and financial instruments to meet your expectations in terms of performance target and level of risk.

There are several regulatory, legal and/or technical steps in launching a bespoke mandate or dedicated fund. Drawing on our many years of experience, we put together a team of employees dedicated to implementing your chosen investment solution.

When we use the term “bespoke” or “tailor-made”, we are not simply referring to our strategy alone: it also applies to how we communicate with you. We provide you with a series of reports produced specifically to meet your needs (transparent portfolio management, TPT reports, calculation of market SCR, etc.). We also tailor our communication to the type and frequency of meetings/contacts you wish to have with our portfolio management teams.

Taking a consistent approach to your savings

We have set several objectives:

  • Applying our funds of funds expertise to the selection of external SRI funds.
  • Meeting the expectations of investors keen on reconciling financial performance and societal impacts.
  • Contributing to the Sustainable Development goals defined by major international organisations.
  • Encouraging positive changes in issuer practices through dialogue and voting at General Shareholders’ Meetings.
  • Keeping our employees and clients up to date on current events in sustainable development, SRI, ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.

Our SRI mandate offer is divided into four profiles of varying risk, one of which is eligible for PEAs (personal equity plans). We also build bespoke portfolios through dedicated funds.

Each profile is made up of funds selected not only for their financial performances, but also their ESG (environmental, social, governance) performances and engagement. Priority is given to SRI funds whose managers and ESG analysts present a strong, well-supported commitment.

Any investment incurs specific risks. Any potential investors should contact their provider or advisor in order to forge their own opinion on the risks inherent in each investment, independently of PROMEPAR Asset Management, and on the suitability of these risks with respect to their personal and financial situation. To that end, they should read the regulatory and contractual documents (prospectuses, KIIDs, annual reports, etc.), which may be obtained free of charge on request from the head office of the Fund or the portfolio management company.