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PROMEPAR Asset Management has been the asset management arm of BRED since 1992.

We do one thing and one thing only: asset management, which we have sub-divided into funds of funds management and active management of directly held securities. Our dedicated and experienced portfolio managers and our robust structure are focused on serving the best interests of our clients. Find out more about

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PROMEPAR AM key figures at 31/12/2019



€2 billion 

in assets under management




experienced portfolio managers


AMF accreditation

Our solutions

Individual investors

We have designed a range of investment solutions tailored to your needs and investor profile, in securities accounts, PEAs (personal equity plans), PEA-PMEs (personal equity plans investing in SMEs) and life insurance.

Institutional investors

We are by your side every step of the way to build tailor-made solutions in institutional mandates and dedicated funds.

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13/10/2021 Expert views

Ekinops à l'achat


Interview de Renaud Ramette, CIIA, Gérant actions chez Promepar Asset Management

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04/10/2021 Monthly Market Newsletter

Quelques points d'interrogation...

By Jérôme LIEURY

On en avait un peu perdu l'habitude, mais cela devait arriver un jour : nous avons eu un mois boursier de septembre en net recul [...]

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04/10/2021 SRI news flash

October 2021


L'actualité de l'économie responsable !

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