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Awakening Europe, it is right now !

By Olivier KLEIN


A few months before the elections, now is the time for Europe to face up to its problems.

The European elections are approaching, while we are experiencing a period of falling confidence in Europe and seeing the pendulum of power swing back towards nation states.

For the first time, a member state wants to leave the European Union. The rise in illiberalism in some countries raises the question of the purpose of membership of the European Union. North-South tensions within the European Union against a backdrop of mutual lack of trust are hampering further progress in the building of the euro zone, which remains shaky even now […]

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21/09/2020 Market Live

Une respiration synonyme d’opportunité.

Les marchés actions viennent de connaitre une première quinzaine de jours agités dans le sillage des valeurs technologiques américaines qui peinent à trouver leur point d’équilibre.

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21/09/2020 News on our funds

For the attention of shareholders of the Promepar Actions Rendement mutual fund

Promepar Asset Management, the management company ot the FCP Promepar Actions Rendement, has decided to change the method of allocation income from the O share.

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15/09/2020 Expert views

Streamwide, une structure financière très saine

Interview de Renaud Ramette, Gérant OPC CIIA chez Promepar Asset Management

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